Wedding: Oriental, Traditonal and Cultural

In Asia today, the bride usually wears a Western-style white wedding gown during the wedding ceremony and at the start of the wedding banquet when receiving guests. It is common for brides then to change into the kwa, the traditional Chinese wedding outfit.

This robe of red brocade or richly embroidered satin is worn during the traditional "groom-receiving" and tea ceremonies in the home. The bride also wears all the gold jewellery she has received as gifts from her groom and family. The final costume is a beautiful going-away outfit.

Wedding Kwa usually come in two pieces red colour top and skirt with heavy hand embroideries some stitches are in gold and silver, either dragon & phoenix or flowers designs also colours in Pink, white, yellow. MOTHER-IN-LAW gowns comes in also two pieces black top and red skirts same embroidery and stitches in gold and silver to compliment with the bride gowns.







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